A lifetime knitter joins the challenge

by | May 23, 2024 | Community

We are thrilled to welcome our new volunteer, Kerrie-Lee, to the TOTS Challenge! Kerrie-Lee recently visited with her husband, Joseph, to deliver nine beautifully finished knitted blankets. Each blanket is a testament to her incredible skill and dedication to the craft.

Kerrie-Lee has been knitting since she was just seven years old, a talent lovingly passed down from her mother. These valuable skills have been honed over the years, making her an exceptional knitter. Although she enjoys crochet as well, knitting remains her true passion. Interestingly, she often finds herself crocheting in a manner similar to her knitting style.

In the past, Kerrie-Lee set an impressive personal goal of knitting one jumper every fortnight. Now, she is excited to channel her energy and expertise into knitting for the TOTS Challenge this year. Her enthusiasm and is so inspiring.

We are fortunate to have her join our community. Kerrie-Lee, your contributions are already making a difference, and we are excited to see all the wonderful creations you will bring to the TOTS Challenge. Welcome to the team, Kerrie-Lee!