Knitting her way through her own challenges

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Community

Knitting her way through her own challenges


We get to meet some incredibly resilient humans through the community challenge and Robyn Cullen is one of them.

Robyn has handed over 12 beautiful blankets ( not including the gorgeous baby cot and pram throws that she has made matching).

These have been gifted to us for our “Think Outside the Square Blanket” challenge.
Robyn loves to keep creative, her mind active and fingers busy.

Robyn has certainly been on her own journey – she has been diagnosed with stage 4 Melanoma cancer and has been dealing with this for the last four years. Making these blankets takes her mind to other places and giving back is something she loves to do.

According to her husband John, he cant talk to her whilst she’s knitting… considering there are 12 whole blankets she’s made.. its safe to say it’s been fairly quiet for her husband lately!

Robyn, thank you for your amazing generosity, your resilience and your generosity to our challenge, even when faced with your own challenges

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