Aurora+Co Mini Resin Pyramids

Date: 14 May 2021
Price: $110 + Booking fee
Time: 6pm - 8pm
Place: The Creative Fringe - Unit 6/51 York Rd Penrith

Aurora+Co Mini Resin Pyramids

Join Cindy and Allison from Aurora & Co & Brierley Hollow to create 2 beautiful mini resin pyramids to decorate your home or give as a gift.

You will get to learn about resin and how to safely use it along with making 2 of your very own mini resin pyramids that you get to de-mould and take home after the class.

What you get: 2 mini pyramid moulds to work with, resin, pigment colours pre-mixed, finishing touches.


What you will learn: 

  • What resin is & how to safely work with it,
  • How to properly mix your resin
  • How to work with moulds
  • How to add different pigments to colour your resin
  • How to layer your resin
  • How to de-mould your artwork
  • You will also be able to decorate your pyramids with vinyl decals and add the finishing touches to complete your work.
  • For your first pyramid, we teach you the techniques and steps to create your own resin artwork. Then for the second pyramid we set you free to create it your way…with our help of course. Resin can get a bit messy so we don’t recommend wearing your favourite clothes. You are welcome to bring an apron or wear something you don’t mind getting messy.  With our amazing resin you don’t have to come back and pick up your pyramids, you get to take them home that night!  Creativity is about having fun and enjoying time with friends or getting to meet new people. You will be able to do both and add a new skill to your crafting resume.

*Please note, resin is classified as a chemical and is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant or for children under the age of 16.



About Cindy from Aurora & Co & Allison from Brierley Hollow

Cindy and Allison created their business because of their love for all things art. For them, art is not just one thing and they are forever learning new art forms.  Cindy’s and Allison’s love for art has led them to work together and create a cohesive business that allows them to work with resin, fluid art (paint) and photography. They love the freedom art gives, the creativity you can unleash and the outlet it provides to just be yourself! Cindy & Allison hope to bring new and fresh ideas to share with like-minded people and hope their art will inspire others to be creative and just give it a go.

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