Queenslander joins the challenge

by | May 24, 2021 | All, Community

When community spirit surpasses boarders

Meet Katie

Katies is our biggest Queensland supporter and has been part of our Think Outside the Square Blanket Challenge since the start in 2017. Katie used to live in Penrith, however when her husband was stationed in far north Queensland, her community spirit stayed strong. In those early days she began by sending us 7 squares all the way from the Northern Territory. In the package she included a note apologising that she didn’t have more to give.

Seriously? We would have been stoked to get 1 square, let alone 7! We were even more impressed that she’d taken the time to make and send them, even though she no longer lives in our community.

Fast forward a few years and Katie now completes full blankets for us! In 2020 this beauty made it’s way down from Brisbane to join our tally and help us reach our target to donate 200 blankets!

“It fills my heart to be able to help in some small way,” said Katie of the Challenge.

Thank you so much Katie for your ongoing support and kindness. You’re amazing!

Find out how you can be part of the challenge and get all of your questions answered at our FAQ’s section.