Seniors Group keeping busy for the TOTS Challenge

by | Jun 11, 2024 | Community

A big thank you to all the lovely ladies at the “Bligh Park” Community Centre – there are approx 30 of them in total. These ladies are led by Kaye Freckelton who manages the Seniors group sewing meet up. Kaye is amazing at bringing together the group and keeping them all engaged and interested – they are certainly very busy ladies. Thank you Kaye, for all your support with the TOTS Challenge.

The Seniors groups meet up once a week at the Community Centre to come together for social engagement and to engage in craft activities and coffee catchups. Many of them split between crocheting  and knitting, but overall they have been supporting the TOTS Blanket Challenge for a few years now. Kaye keeps all the seniors updated by keeping her eye on the TCF socials and gives everyone an update on the challenge and where we are at with the target and goals!

The Seniors group has also had donated wool provided to them by the Dollar Store in Windsor, which has been a fabulous help in keeping these ladies supplied and armed with everything they need to continue helping us wit our big goals!

A big shout out must also go to John, Kaye’s husband, who claims to not do too much – but he is the delivery man and driver – so Thanks John, we appreciate your time in getting these beautiful blankets and squares to us.