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Private Office Hire in Penrith | The Thrive Office

The perfect sized office for 5-6 people

Step into Thrive at The Creative Fringe – Penrith’s premier choice for private office rentals. Crafted with growth in mind, Thrive offers the perfect setting for teams of 5-6 individuals seeking to expand their business horizons.

Nestled within Penrith’s top coworking space, Thrive presents approximately 24 square meters of adaptable space, replete with essential amenities to bolster your business endeavors. From convenient built-in storage to round-the-clock access, fully equipped kitchen facilities to bathroom and shower conveniences, and access to training and meeting rooms – we’ve got all your needs covered.

Embrace the spirit of collaboration within our mixed-use environment, where private offices seamlessly blend with shared communal areas. Whether you’re a burgeoning startup, seasoned freelancer, or local enterprise, our inclusive atmosphere fosters networking, brainstorming, and problem-solving opportunities throughout your workday.

But life isn’t just about work, is it? That’s why we’re committed to cultivating a dynamic and creative workspace where productivity meets enjoyment. Plus, we’re proud to be pet-friendly – because who wouldn’t want their furry friend by their side at work?

Why navigate the journey alone when you can join our vibrant community at The Creative Fringe? Connect with Barb, our onsite Community Manager, to arrange a tour of Thrive and discover how you can become a valued member of our coworking family. Your path to success begins right here at The Creative Fringe in Penrith.

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