The first thing I knitted was a holey scarf

by | Jun 6, 2024 | Community

Karen Firth began her passion for knitting when she was just 6 years old. At her Aunts house in Auburn, she was taught to knit sitting out on the back patio – a holey scarf was created.

She soon mastered the knitting needles and has since created may baby blankets and full knitted sets. It seems Karen has this craft in her genes. She has many fond memories of her childhood, watching her Pop creating beautiful delicate doilies and lace curtains, while her Nan also knitted for the local church.

Karen tells us that she loves having her downtime to knit and crochet, this is time that she can have just for herself. Outside of this Karen is a carer for her 80 year old Mum who has Cancer and suffers arthritis( who is also still knitting squares and has donated squares for our challenge this year). Karen also cares for her 21 year old special needs daughter, but has somehow also managed to teach herself to crochet by watching Youtube videos and tutorials.

We are so excited that Karen has decided to become a TOTS Volunteer – joining our growing tribe of fabulous humans that are so willing to help us help the greater community.

Welcome Karen.