Welcoming a new TOTS volunteer and Crochet Teacher

by | May 15, 2024 | Community

Teaching the craft of crochet to community

The stories of kindness and connection continue to abound during our Think Outside the Square Blanket Challenge.

Susanna first came across the TOTS Blanket Challenge via our Facebook post about the challenge this year and decided to reach out to us. She teachers community classes in the mountains for anyone wanting to learn the craft of crocheting. She thoroughly enjoys helping people to crochet squares and believes this is a great way for people to feel like they are doing something for their local community.

Susanna loves to help crochet the squares together that her beginner crocheters have created, so that everyone feels that they are part of the process. While she does crochet the granny squares, she also crochets whole blankets and loves experimenting with new stitches and techniques.

Susanna joined our TOTS community this year and soon found herself jumping on board to teach and facilitate our Beginner Crochet classes here at The Creative Fringe. There are many people who are volunteers of the TOTS blanket challenge and quite a few that wanted to learn to crochet. So far these classes have sold out every month. Susanna loves helping beginners work towards something that is both achievable and useful for the community.

According to Susanna, and certainly what is echoed by many of our TOTS volunteers, is that crocheting helps her feel calm and centred, whilst also providing a much needed creative outlet for herself.

Susanna can be found crocheting at home while watching her kids play or helping them with homework, and often while the kids are watching ABC Kids programs.

Welcome to the TOTS community Susanna, such a pleasure to have you join and share you passion for teaching.

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