Random Weave Basket Workshop

Date: 19 February 2022
Price: $160 + Booking fee
Time: 2pm - 6pm
Place: The Creative Fringe - Unit 6/51 York Rd Penrith

Random Weave Basket Workshop

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Are ready to spend an afternoon wrangling vines? No, we' re not sending you out on a scavenger hunt in nature - we are bringing it all to you!

Spend an afternoon wrangling vines, twigs and leaves into a gorgeous basket or a beautiful sculpture all made by you and nature. Every piece has its own personality, and has been shaped by its journey and finally will be shaped by you, into some useable and decorative for you to take home.

In this Random Weave Basket workshop you will learn a number of weaving techniques as well as how to harvest and prepare a range of natural materials and you’ll
walk away with a unique basket or sculpture created from sustainably harvested fibres. This is a hands on workshop  - so do come prepared!

Sometimes, its good to just relax and build something beautiful with your own hands.

Branching Out is a collaboration between sister’s Jillian Culey and Carolyn Dance. It is devoted to handmade, fair trade and sustainable creations. Jillian works predominantly with locally harvested fibres and  experiments with traditional basketry techniques including twining, string making and ribbed work. For Jillian, weaving is an opportunity to explore the connection between mathematical patterns and nature and her woven pieces take their inspiration from that connection.


Price includes all Materials

Duration of Workshop: Approx 4 hours

See you at The Creative Fringe!

10 Tickets left

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