Sewing through a life challenge

Jo’s Story:

Jo started her chemo journey back in June of 2020.  The year that presented one of lifes greatest challenges.  She’d had a tough time with it and hadn’t been able to maintain the high level activity she is used to as a successful business owner.

Jo contacted us  here at The Creative Fringe and offered to sew squares together. Our CEO Debbie dropped a bag around to her reminding her that there are “no martyrs in cancer camp” and if it was too much, she should only do what she can and Debbie would do the rest.

Three days later we heard from Jo and expected a request to pick up the squares.. thinking it may have been too much for her to manage. Instead she asked for two more bags!!!

Jo said that sewing the squares together has been very relaxing and therapeutic. It was an activity that took her mind off what was  going on in her body, and stilled her soul.

“I’m so honoured to have been a part of this.” Commented Jo on her own social media.

We are so proud of her and we are eternally grateful. Since this time,  Jo continues to be involved in our challenge and knitting together these blankets. She is always a familiar face here, and she is also a huge supporter of the “Think Outside The Square Blanket Challenge”

Thank you Jo, for your incredible spirit and your resilience and all that you do for otherswho are struggling wth life challenges. You have made such a difference.

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