The kindness of strangers leaves a legacy

The stories of kindness and connection continue to abound during our Think Outside the Square Blanket Challenge.

Meet Nicky and Vanita.

Nicky got her mum involved in the very first challenge we ran. Di started off crocheting squares but as the years continued she completed full blankets.
Sadly 2 years ago Di passed away. When Nicky was emptying her house she came across a whole heap of half completed squares. She didn’t know what to do with them so she donated them to our challenge.

We did a call out to see if anyone could finish the squares off and a perfect stranger put her hand up to finish them off.

Fast forward two years and at our first sewing bee for 2021, Vanita arrived with the blanket she has been working on. She squares looked vaguely familiar but it was only when Vanita mentioned that these were squares she was finishing off for a previous volunteer, that the penny dropped! Vanita was our perfect stranger.

Nicky has always been a great supporter of this challenge and has participated in our sewing bees every year, so it was not surprising that Nicky was also at the sewing bee, and when she heard this she was astounded! What are the chances?

Isn’t it wonderful how all of this kindness has come full circle and Di’s legacy lives on in these blankets donated 2 years after her passing.

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