Meet the ladies from Living Choice in Glenhaven

There is no doubt that kindness can be contagious!

We are certainly witness to that each and every week that we see volunteers dropping in blankets, people collecting wool, and donating squares.

We had the absolute pleasure to meet these fabulous ladies from Living Choice Glenhaven who came in their minibus to deliver 21 beautifully knitted blankets, wool and squares for our “Think Outside The Square Blanket Challenge”.
With their intrepid lead Enid at the helm, these ladies participated in our 2020 and again in our 2021 challenges.

We are so grateful for the support of these lovely ladies and to all the members of their craft group. Thank you for joining us for morning tea and a chat, it was lovely to meet you all and to show you just how wonderful our community spirit is.

Your blankets will be greatly treasured.

Find out how you can be part of the challenge and get all of your questions answered at our FAQ’s section.