A crash course in Crochet lessons..

by | Jul 27, 2023 | Community

Today we received a beautiful package from these ladies Janette and Claire Hankinson, along with a lovely letter from them, which we would love to share with you below.

“Dear Think Outside The Square,

Please find enclosed 30 crocheted squares for a blanket for your Think Outside the Square Blanket Challenge. We are mother and daughter crocheters. I was taught to crochet as a little girl, but after making one blanket of granny squares, I didn’t pick up a hook for about thirty years. Then a few years ago, I learnt to crochet all over again, with the help of YouTube and online instructions. My daughter picked a hook for the first time during the 2020 Covid lockdowns in Melbourne – thank goodness for video calls that kept us in touch and crocheting together.

Im an author and constant crocheter – when Im not writing, I can’t sit down without a hook in my hand. Claire (who left Melbourne after Covid and now lives in Newcastle too), works in recruitment and now crochets beautiful scarves and hats.

We found your Think Outside The Square Blanket Challenge only last month and loved that the blankets put together are going to Australians in need this Winter. We decided we wanted to help reach your goal of 650.

Claire got a crash course in granny squares and we dived into our stash of wool left over from other projects. After 4 weeks of crocheting like mad, we’ve got enough squares for a blanket – we would have made more but these were finished just in time to get them to you for your deadline. It’s been fun and so nice to put our time and stash to a great cause. We’ll be crocheting again next year!

Best wishes and Good luck in reaching your goal of 650 blankets

Janette and Claire Hankinson.”