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Selecting the perfect coworking space

Coworking has been taking the world by storm as the most popular way to work.  So how do you find a place that is going to work for you? Here are 10 questions you need to ask. CAN I VISIT? Every coworking space has it’s own personality and atmosphere. Some are set...


Crochet queen conquers Cancer

Crochet queen conquers cancer Jo’s Story: Jo started her chemo journey back in June of 2020.  The year that presented one of lifes greatest challenges.  She’d had a tough time with it and hadn’t been able to maintain the high level activity she is used to as a...


Queenslander joins the challenge

When community spirit surpasses boarders Meet Katie Katies is our biggest Queensland supporter and has been part of our Think Outside the Square Blanket Challenge since the start in 2017. Katie used to live in Penrith, however when her husband was stationed in far...

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