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A lifetime knitter joins the challenge

We are thrilled to welcome our new volunteer, Kerrie-Lee, to the TOTS Challenge! Kerrie-Lee recently visited with her husband, Joseph, to deliver nine beautifully finished knitted blankets. Each blanket is a testament to her incredible skill and dedication to the...


A crash course in Crochet lessons..

Today we received a beautiful package from these ladies Janette and Claire Hankinson, along with a lovely letter from them, which we would love to share with you below. "Dear Think Outside The Square, Please find enclosed 30 crocheted squares for a blanket for your...


Nicole joins the TOTS blanket challenge!

Meet Nicole. Nicole is a newbie to our TOTS Blanket Challenge. She saw it on Facebook and decided to teach herself how to crochet granny squares. YouTube tutorials helped and voila! She has crocheted enough squares to make an entire blanket! Nicole agreed that the...

new volunteer joins the TOTS blanket challenge at the Creative Fringe

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