TOTS Blanket Challenge FAQ's

When does the Challenge run?

Our official challenge dates run from 1st April through until 31st July. We understand that people are knitting and crocheting all year round, so you are welcome to drop off your squares or completed blankets to us throughout the year.

I'm not in Western Sydney, can I still participate?

Of course you can! We have volunteers from Darwin to Adelaide and everywhere in between. We love hearing about the people willing to join our challenge, so if you are posting squares or blankets, please add a note and/or photo so that we have a story to share about your contribution.

What size needles should I use?

You can use any size needles – whatever you are most comfortable with. Most volunteers have used size 5 or 6 needles.

How many stitches should I cast on?

We need the squares to be 20cm x 20cm. A ballpark number is about 45 stitches, but the number all depends on the size of your needle, and how tight you stitch.

What ply wool should I use?

We recommend 8 ply acrylic (instead of pure wool) so that it’s easy to wash.

Do you supply wool?

Our wool is kindly donated by our community. You are more than welcome to collect balls of wool for you to use throughout the challenge. If you are wanting to donate wool to us, we ask that it is 8Ply.

Can I crochet instead of knit squares?

Absolutely, we have had some beautiful crocheted squares donated.

Do you have a guide for crocheted squares?

The final size of your square should be 20x20cm. As an estimate using a 4.5 crochet hook and 8ply wool you can get 9 rounds.

Should they be brightly coloured or more muted tones?

When choosing what coloured wool you will use, keep in mind who you are creating the squares or blankets for. Rough sleepers would prefer muted or darker tones to not stand out, whereas families who have left a violent relationship would be more uplifted by brighter, more colourful squares. 

Is there a pattern to follow?

No pattern is necessary, just simply knit or crochet 20cm x 20cm squares in any style you like – we will put them with other similar squares.

How many squares make a blanket?

35 (5×7) squares makes a small sized blanket

42 (6×7) squares makes a medium sized blanket.

48 ( 6×8) squares makes an adult large sized blanket.

Can I donate completed blankets?

Of course you can! If you decided to provide completed blankets we recommend 6×8 squares.

Where can I send the squares or blankets to?

Squares and blankets can either be dropped off our mailed to:

The Creative Fringe
Unit 6, 51 York Road
Jamisontown, NSW 2750

When are the squares and blankets due?

Round 1: Squares should be to us by 28th May to ensure enough time to be sewn together for an early June handover.

Round 2: Square will need to be to us by 28th July for an early August handover.

Who are the blankets donated to?

We like to support a variety of charities to ensure that people from all walks of life can benefit from these blankets and get wrapped in love and the kindness of others. These are handed over to our charity partners:  WestCare Services, Platform Youth Services, Penrith Community Kitchen, The Haven Nepean Womens Shelter and Link Wentworth House4/Together Homes.

By joining this challenge you really are helping make a difference to someones life and we thank you for your kindness.