TOTS sewing bee mum and daughter dynamic duo!

by | May 21, 2023 | Community

Say hello to Zoe and Leonie!
Learning the value of community spirit and of giving back has already started for Zoe. Zoe’s Mum, Leonie came along with her daughter to our Sewing Bee as she wanted to involve her daughter in a project that they could do together and to teach Zoe about community spirit and giving back, as she is now 10 years old and old enough to understand the difference she can make. Zoe has embraced this challenge, and sits after school in her room sewing up these squares. No technology, just using her hands to create something that someone else will get so much from.
Zoe says she often wonders who would be the recipient of her blanket – but she knows it will be going to someone in need. She is fortunate in her life and this is now her way of giving back to those in need.
I think Zoe may be the youngest volunteer we have to date – and we are so thrilled that Zoe and her mum Leonie have chosen to be a part of our Community challenge!
Keep sewing Zoe – you are an amazing young girl!!🙌 🧶