Welcoming new volunteers to our TOTS Challenge

by | Feb 3, 2023 | Community

Our new TOTS volunteers are keeping in the family!

We love welcoming new volunteers to our TOTS Challenge – we certainly need all the help we can get! Today we met the very talented Fay Steed from Glenmore Park and her daughter-in-law Helena Steed.  They arrived with a basket filled to the brim with ready made blankets for our challenge this year! What a welcome sight.

Fay says she knits ( and crochets) mostly at night while keeping an eye of her favourite crime shows. At 80 years young, Fay says she has been knitting for “donkeys years” and over the years has made baby coats that all the grandchildren have been the lucky recipients of.

We are so thrilled to have these ladies join our volunteer list for our challenge this year as we have some MASSIVE goals to reach!
Welcome Fay and Helena, we are so pleased to have you here.