Messy Memories Storytelling Workshop

Date: 14 August 2024
Price: $89 + Booking fee
Time: 6pm - 8pm
Place: The Creative Fringe - Unit 6/51 York Rd Penrith

Messy Memories Storytelling Workshop

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Messy Memories Storytelling Workshop.

Discover the joy of capturing your cherished memories in a uniquely expressive way! The Memory Journal Workshop invites you to carve out a special space for your stories and reflections about the people you hold dear. It's more than just a journal – it's a canvas for anecdotes, inside jokes, quotes, and the full spectrum of your emotions. Get ready to embark on a creative journey with Cait Wotherspoon as she guides you through the art of crafting a Messy Memory Journal.

Embrace the 'messy' philosophy of journaling, where creativity takes center stage in an unstructured and enjoyable process. Cait will demonstrate how to effortlessly construct a journal that becomes a haven for your precious memories and keepsakes. Share your stories with others, and create a space where you can revisit the smiles, echoes of voices, and the palpable presence of your loved ones. No artistic prowess required – the beauty of a Messy Memory Journal lies in its imperfection. Let loose and have fun with cutting, folding, pasting, and scribbling as you breathe life into your journal.

Join Cait in a lovely group for an evening filled with fun, laughter, and creativity. By the end of the night, you'll leave with a completed journal, filled with the beautiful memories of your loved ones."

Who is this for:

If you have ever experienced grief, loss or bereavement, this is a beautifully constructed hands on workshop in a safe and secure space for you to reflect and build your memory canvas.

What do I bring?

Any personal items, letters, photo's, clippings or personal things that remind you of that someone special. Cait will provide you with all the tools and a multitude of items that you can use to decorate your story journal.

About Cait

Cait's passion lies in helping clients (both adult and children) with their losses, grief and bereavement. Loss comes in many and varied forms. She has helped clients learn to cope with loss of relationships, pets, careers, miscarriage, parents, grandparents, employment, independence, dreams and much more. Cait is a highly qualified and respected therapist. Alongside specialising in grief, loss and bereavement, she also provides general counselling/psychotherapy for issues that might be stopping you from living a fulfilling life.

10 Tickets left

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